TCT India South Asia 2021

July 29 - 31, 2021


Greetings from Facts Foundation India, CRF USA and TCT India/South Asia 2021.

South Asia’s Premier Interventional Experience returns this year with greater inclusivity, innovation and insightful content structure on cardiovascular research techniques and solutions

In addition to hosting an immersive and dynamic virtual event, TCT India South Asia, For the first time in India, will deliver the experience on big screen in 4K projections and Dolby Atmos sound system in 10 Hubs across India- making it truly “India’s Premier Interventional Experience"

The Conference will be held from 29th July 2021 to 31st July 2021 with best scientific content from top class faculty, multiple fireside chat sessions and round table connections.

The Program details and highlights are below for your information

  • Best Scientific Program & Deliberations by Top Class Faculty across the world
  • TAVR Master Class - Dr.Martin B Leon followed by “Dil Se – An Open Heart Discussion”
  • What Next after DES – Pipeline of advancements for OPCI –Dr.Greg Stone followed by ” Dil se – Open Heart Discussion” with Dr. Gregg Stone
  • CHIP & CTO Sessions by Dr.Dimitri & Dr.Ajay Kirtane and senior faculty from India & South Asia
  • Tips & Tricks in Intracoronary Imaging & Physiology – Dr.Gary Mintz, Dr.Ziad Ali and many senior Indian Faculty.
  • Endovascular & Congenital Heart Disease Intervention Innovation Sessions by Masters – Explaining concepts and principles with Live in box case egs.
  • “India has got Talent Sessions” – Young & Dynamic Interventional Cardiologists across India & South Asia will show case their talent in “Fire Chat Cine Sessions.”
  • TCT India Valves 2021 – on July 29th – showcasing all newer TAVR modalities, MV repair methods and Upcoming TV & PV Interventions with live and live-in-box sessions by Experts.
  • Partnership Sessions with ASNC, AAPI, GAPIO.
  • Live Cases from USA, Europe and ten Centers across India – to be watched on not only Zoom Platform in computers but first time in India Experience these on big screens in 4K projections and Dolby Atmos sound system in Ten Hubs across India- making it truly “India’s Premier Interventional Experience”

We hope all of you will have an enriching and thrilling new experience this year at TCT INDIA South Asia 2021.

Thanking you all for all the cooperation and encouragement.

TCT India/South Asia 2021.

Our Faculty

Dr. Martin B Leon

Dr. Gregg Stone

Dr. Gary Mintz

Dr. Antonio Colombio

Dr. Eberhard Grube

Dr. Dimitrios Karmpaliotis

Dr. Ajay Kirtane

Dr. Susheel Kodali

Dr. Ziad Ali

Dr. Ramesh Daggubati

Dr. Sameer Kapadia

Dr. Ashish Pershad

Dr. Hans Reiber

Dr. Duane Pinto

Dr. Horst Sievert

Dr. Miroslaw Ferenc

Dr. Raj Makkar

Dr. Saibal Kar

Dr. Sanjog Kalra

Dr. Saurabh Gupta

Dr. Sameer Mehta

Dr. Patrick Serruys


Dr. Sharmila Dorbala

Dr. Raja Hatem

Dr. Nishit A Choksi

Dr. Mahesh Mulumudi

Dr. Emad Hakemi

Dr. Luiz Ybarra

Dr. Sreeni R Gangasani

Dr. Darshan Doshi

Dr. Cindy Grines

Dr. Amirali Masoumi

Dr. Jens Erik Nielsen - Kudsk

Dr. Jamieson M Bourque

Dr. Randall C Thompson

Dr. Viviany R Taqueti